GS Computer support services provide computer services through the traditional onsite/ in home repairs for computers and peripherals. Depending upon the issue we will guide you which option is the best for you. Computer problems can show up any time and it can range from a simple software problem to a major hardware problem. Just to make it easy for our customers we will be giving them the options to choose from our support plans. GS Computer support services provide repairs for all makes and models like Windows, Mac, Chrome book, Desktops and Laptop PC’s.

Diagnosing and isolating the problems leads to proper resolution. We provide free diagnosis and explain resolution mode before signing up.

1 In-home computer support.

2 Hardware upgrade support.

3 Wired and wireless networking

4 Audio system and multi-monitor set up

5 peripherals like printers and cameras set up

6 Data recovery solutions

7 computer/ peripherals hardware repairs

8 Operating system malfunctions.


Onsite Tech Services by GS computer support services- your local geek:

When there is a need we will assign a verified technician for an onsite visit to take care of the issues.
Hardware failures or installations need onsite technicians and we have tied up with local service providers in selected cities across the US. We can get the best local person (your local geek) at your doorstep to make sure things are taken care of in one go. We would always need information related to devices you need help with and diagnose over the phone to find out the root cause of failure and get the parts and labor service done.
The fees and turn around time vary with location. We do not charge any fee for diagnostics over the phone, however, onsite diagnostics if required, will cost over and above the parts and labor service cost.
Call our support desk to find out the best possible offer we have in your area.
How it works?
We currently have onsite service in select locations only, where we have tie-ups with local geeks and home service providers. We have been accepting the onsite requests only in the areas where we have the registered service providers. Once we get the onsite service we post it on our portal and the nearest onsite tech will pick up the service request. After confirmation from onsite tech , customer will be informed and contact info is shared. Once customer accepts the request and makes payment, tech will leave for repairs or will wait for the parts arrival and later complete the job order and report back to help-desk with work order status. Work order gets closed 7 days after successful repairs. If the repair is not successful customer only pay for tech fee and allows tech to undo hardware changes.

We have carefully signed up with these technicians after verifying their proficiency and past records to make sure the highest level of service is maintained for end-user satisfaction. We do not share any information with the onsite technicians other than your name, phone, address, and devices. The technician will call you first to confirm the service with and will set up visit as per your convenience. The presence of the client or an authorized adult person is mandatory for the service and also we expect the client to properly check for the device functionality before the technician leaves the premises.

Process overview:

1.Customer calls in for onsite help and accepts the quotation.
2.Tickets is raised on our portal for service technicians.
3.Local technician accepts the ticket.
4.Parts are delivered if required.
5.Technician visits for service.

Services include:

  • Electronics Hardware part replacement.
  • Software support of complicated nature (if requested).
  • Installations/repairs of computers and peripherals
  • TV /Audio systems installations/repairs
  • Printer installation and repair services.
  • Router/cables/switches installation/repairs
  • Smart home equipment set up/repairs
  • Gaming console installations/repairs
  • HVAC  maintenance/repairs
  • Refrigerator maintenance/repairs
  • Washing machine & Microwaves maintenance/repairs

Please note we do not provide any repair service in cases of fire or liquid spillage affected devices in general, as we recommend purchasing a new device in these cases. We found that in such cases, repairs sometimes fails to produce any satisfactory result. However, in certain cases, the devices can be repaired and we can guide you for the best possible solution after analyzing the extent of the damage.
Locations we provide onsite services are,:
• Los Angeles, CA USA
• San Francisco,CA, USA
• San Jose,CA USA
• Fresno,CA USA
• Sacramento,CA USA
• Bakersfield, CA USA
• Santa Monica, CA USA
• San Fernando, CA USA
• Culver City, CA USA
• Calabasas, CA USA
• Santa Rosa,CA USA
• Burbank,CA USA
• Riverside,CA USA
• Malibu,CA USA
• Orange,CA USA
• Orange County,CA USA
• Long Beach,CA USA
• Beverly Hills,CA USA
• Riverside,CA USA
• Bellaire,CA USA
• Studio city,CA USA
• Palmdale, CA USA
• Las Vegas, NV, USA
• Atlanta,LA USA
• Seattle,WA USA
• New York,NY USA
• Washington DC USA
• Boston,MA USA
• Worcester,MA USA
• Houston,TX
• Austin,TX USA
• Dallas, TX, USA
• Denver,CO USA
• Knoxville, TN, USA
• Fayetteville,TN USA
• Chicago,IL USA
• Portland,OR USA
• Kansas City, KS, USA
• Philadelphia,PA USA
• Phoenix, AZ USA
We will be updating the list when onsite services are launched at new locations.
Get authorized local technicians in these locations for onsite services and you will have a local geek taking care of the issues.