Onsite Computer Repairs


GS Computer support services provide computer services through the traditional onsite/ in home repairs for computers and peripherals. Depending upon the issue we will guide you which option is the best for you. Computer problems can show up any time and it can range from a simple software problem to a major hardware problem. Just to make it easy for our customers we will be giving them the options to choose repairs by a local Geek at their doorstep. GS Computer support services provide repairs for all makes and models like Windows, Mac, Chrome book, Desktops and Laptop PC’s.

Diagnosing and isolating the problems leads to proper resolution. We provide free diagnosis and explain resolution mode before signing up. Here you pay exactly the amount required to fix an existing problem

1. In-home computer support.
2. Hardware upgrade support.
3. Wired and wireless networking
4. Audio system and multi-monitor set up
5. peripherals like printers and cameras set up
6. Data recovery solutions
7. Computer/ peripherals hardware repairs
8. Operating system malfunctions/ reinstall.

Onsite Repairs and set up services

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