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Many people rely on laptops for all their computing needs. Others use them as their primary business computer. A malfunctioning laptop can stop your life in its tracks. If you’re having a problem with yours, contact GS Computer Support to get it back in service — fast. Our technicians are trained and experienced at working on both Apple and Windows laptops, so it doesn’t matter if you need a MacBook repair or a Dell laptop repair. we can fix any brand of computer you have, even if it’s an older model with an obscure operating system.
GS Computer Support provide a wide range of computer repair services. A member of our highly skilled, technical support team will visit you at home or business, to provide assistance with your IT issues.
As well as on-site IT Support, we also provide technical support over the internet using our remote support software which not only saves you money but is quicker too.

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Hardware and Software Fixes for Your Laptop

Common Laptop Repair Problems

Hard disk failure

A malfunction within the electronic circuits or electromechanical components (disks, tapes) of a computer system. Recovery from a hardware failure requires repair or replacement of the offending part.

Missing driver updates

If you’ve lost your driver discs, you’re unable to find drivers on the manufacturer’s web site or Windows Update can’t configure your hardware, use this tool to quickly find and install all missing drivers.

Malware infections

Malware infection occurs when malware, or malicious software, infiltrates your computer. Malware is a type of software created with the intent of damaging the victim’s computer, stealing private information or spying on a computer without the consent of the user.

Loose connections

all laptops are slightly different, but the design and position of laptop hinges is generally the same across all models. Unless you have a Mac. As Apple puts its products together in a very different way, it’s difficult to open up a Mac laptop screen. For more information on how to fix a loose laptop screen on a Mac, visit Remember: do not attempt this if your laptop is still under warranty as you will invalidat

Impact damage

Physical impact such as pinched ear-bud or a pen under the lid will result in LCD damage. Cracks that occur near the bottom of the screen will affect most of the image because the pixel pathways from the LCD driver will all be severed at the source.

Wi-Fi connection failures

For wireless router issues, you might need to reset your router and modem to restore your WiFi network connection. The modem needs to be restarted because they work together. To restart your router and modem, unplug the router and modem power cords from their power sources.

Broken hinges

You will not able to adjust the laptop’s screen the way you can when the hinge is still in place. It will either try to close shut or open as much as it can. It won’t hang in between.

Missing or stuck keys

The a and z keys specifically doesn’t work most of the time. The v key is also showing the tendency to get jammed too. Sometimes its works , without having to do anything or with enough pressure.

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GS Computer understands how important your laptop is to your daily life. We work hard to get your computer back into your hands as quickly as possible. We will diagnose the problem quickly, and we always explain all the possible options and their costs. That way, you can make a truly informed decision about how to proceed. We never use technical jargon that can confuse the issue, either. We want you to understand exactly what needs to be done, and how much it will cost. GS Computer believes an informed customer will be a happy customer.


Our technician come right to your doorstep. We believe in convenience, so whether it’s your home, the library, a coffee shop or anywhere in- between, just say the word and our technician will come to you.


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