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At present, emails have become a crucial part of our daily life. The chief reason for them getting so popular within a short time is that they are as simple to write as our regular messages, and easy to transport from sender to receiver within no time. It has altered the lifestyles of customers who used to ship the posts through a post and had to wait for days and days for the reply. Emails are one of the superb and most fundamental offerings that a computer user has acquired until now and it is viewed to be one of the greatest services. Nowadays you have to continue to be in contact with your colleagues and enterprise peers for day-to-day tasks and for that, you require a suitable and effortlessly operated e-mail service.

AOL Mail is another webmail service established in the fast connected world today. The e-mail service provider exists since 1983 but was re-launched in 2005 with brand new features. Once you have an AOL email account, you can connect with family, friends, colleagues, and business associates in an instant.

AOL users get the option to choose from both a paid or free email account. The AOL email can be accessed on your desktop as well as via the mobile app. The email service provider is available in over 50 languages. At present, AOL has a customer base of over a million globally. In case if you are not already an AOL user, try contacting the technical support number. The team shall guide you through the steps of signing up for an email account.

Why AOL Webmail Services?

With an AOL email ID, you get to enjoy several wonderful features. Both the mobile and desktop versions of AOL email have the below-discussed features.

  • Unlimited storage: The downside of many popular email service providers is that they restrict user storage, but this is not the case with AOL. The users get unlimited email storage for a lifetime.
  • Live technical support: AOL provides its users with a 24*7 free technical support service. Just dial the AOL phone number with your problem and receive online assistance at hand.
  • AOL search engine: AOL has its very own search engine which provides free unlimited searches.
  • Email attachment: The emails can have files attached of size up to 25 MB.
  • Sending emails: It is necessary to send accurate information via emails. AOL has a proofreading feature that checks your mails and highlights any errors before sending the mail.
  • Unsend email: Accidently sent an email? Missed adding something to your mail? AOL has got you. You get an un-send button that will undo any unwanted actions. However, this action has some time limitation.
  • Storage: The email can store 1000 new messages and 4000 already read messages.
  • AOL Photo Bucket: You can store all images in one place with the photo bucket. It provides you with a storage space of 13 GB.
  • Account sync: You can sync your AOL account with other email service providers as Gmail.
  • Spam protection: The advanced spam protection filters unwanted emails easily. The built-in virus protection system also ensures that your device is secure.
  • Other features: Soon after you log in, AOL Mail account supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Some others are POP3, SMTP, and IMAP email protocols.

The available updates are subjected to the version of AOL you use on your device. In case of an outdated version of the email or a slow internet connection, you may not be able to get full benefits. If you are using an updated version of the app and are on a stable internet connection as well; yet you are unable to access all the new features, try contacting the AOL technical support number.

Commonly encountered issues with AOL

Many times, users report an issue while using the AOL webmail service. They hinder the swift sending or receiving of emails, and obstructs the webmail functioning. Such issues are generally reported to AOL customer support, and they guide you to resolve them. Some of the commonly encountered issues by the users are:

  • Inability to compose mails
  • Technical issues with sending or receiving emails
  • Trouble changing the password or forgetting the password
  • AOL mobile app not working
  • AOL mobile app unexpectedly crashing
  • AOL not working with iPhone
  • AOL contacts receiving mails from your ID that you did not send.
  • Emails, messages, or contacts automatically being deleted from the AOL account.

Not receiving the AOL security code or link to reset password

  • Inability to sync AOL with different devices
  • Error in viewing images on received AOL emails
  • Unable to block or filter emails for your AOL account

Why Call Our AOL Customer Service?

The AOL customer services are ranked the best by the customers because of their ability to reach out to email users. Some specialties of our customer support team are listed below

  • Quick password recovery
  • Safe and secure way to get professional assistance
  • Solutions for account recovery
  • Customer satisfaction and lifetime services
  • Recovery of lost security questions
  • Helping with inbox settings
  • Configuration Support
  • Technical support Services and much more.

The AOL email customer service number is just one call away and you are guaranteed to get a secure solution to your queries from our experienced technical staff. Contacting our customer care team always proves to be useful for our customers. You can get quick professional support for many of your AOL email issues such as hacking or unauthorized access, password errors, spam email issues, and other technical problems. The technical team will provide you excellent ways to deal with any threat to your account. Our technical support staff is dedicated to offering you the most practical customer support according to your demands as well as requirements.