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GS computer support services (Your Local Geek) was incorporated in nov 2017 with inc ID C4081300 is based in California has been delivering onsite repair services since 2017. we have always focused on delivering best support services for the delight of our esteemed clients and in the future as well it will be our core value. The services are through a secure platform and it is our top priority to safeguard our customer’s information. We believe in quality service at an affordable price. Our support will never be a burden on your wallet rather it will be a cost-effective option every time and that’s our promise. Our technicians have vast experience in modern technology and we have carefully signed up with the onsite technicians on the merit of their technical expertise as well as their past track records.
GS computer support services is an independent onsite service provider. We are unaffiliated with any 3rd party brand unless otherwise specified. GS computer support services Inc is owned by a young entrepreneur lady from Arleta CA. Starting from a small in-home business, we have moved a long way and would continue to increase our support radius to achieve new milestones. We have grown our onsite support service in major cities across the US by including local geeks in our team. We have resolved complex issues at a very low cost for our clients with expert team members who had worked for big tech companies in the past. We have signed up partnerships with various providers/ manufacturers to make the support process simple for our clients; with this we can offer multiple services at a reasonable price.
Our team strength and customer-centric policy make us a preferred provider, with over 800 clients who are still with us since the launch of our services in 2017. We believe in doing it the right way and will continue to do this for our customers. While resolving a technical issue we always focus on the usage perspective, so that our customers can get the maximum out of every service we provide.
We work as one team with a common purpose – to provide best-in-class service to our customers. Our philosophy has always centered on our belief that customers should be treated in a fair and balanced manner. Thus, we endeavor to make Fair Dealing a core practice in everything we do – from the way we conduct our business and interact with customers to the products and services we offer.
Any query you may come up with should be direct to this email address: Support@gscomputersupportservice.com


DISCLAIMER: GS computer support services- Your Local Geek is an independent electronics repair service provider . we are unaffiliated with any third party brand unless specified & We do not claim any association or ownership of such third party names , logos and trademarks. Names , logos and trademarks used on this site belong to their respective owners and are shown for reference purposes only. It is on demand onsite repairs service. If your product is under warranty from the manufacturer, the repair and support service may be available free from the respective company.


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