Problems with AOL Gold Desktop and Their Solutions

Aol Gold Desktop problems and solutions

The AOL desktop gold is an all-in-one desktop service that enhances your device and makes activities like mail, browsing, search, etc. a lot easier. You can download AOL desktop gold on your windows PC or laptop. The following mentioned are the AOL desktop gold problems and their solutions which are commonly faced by the AOL desktop gold users

browser crashes in desktop gold

There are plenty of reasons for the desktop gold browser to crash.
– However, you can fix most of these issues with a simple and quick solution.
– Before trying the solution report the problem using the report a bug section.
– Access the report a big option by clicking the “help menu” at the top.
– Once you have reported the problem click on the “edit menu” at the top to fix the problem.
– Select “footprints to clear option”
– Check the box next to “browser cache”.
– This will temporarily clear browser files that might be causing the browser to crash.
– To reverse this option, uncheck the browser cache box.

aol gold desktop shortcut icon missing

if you can find your aol desktop icons to be missing you can follow one of the three below mentioned  methods

you can create a new desktop option
  • On the system tray, right-click the right clicks the AOL desktop tray launcher icon.
  • Select the option “create new shortcut”
  • If this does not solve the problem proceed to the next step.
from the help menu creat a shortcut
  • Open AOL desktop gold or type “%localappdata%” on the windows toolbar.
  • Navigate to the AOL desktop folder and double click on the AOL desktop application file.
  • Under the help, menu pick the “create new shortcut” option

If the issue is still not resolved, move on to the next step

unistall then reinstall aol gold
  • In the windows settings, you can add or remove programs.
  • Select AOL desktop gold from the options
  • You can download the latest desktop gold version from there.

address book contacts are missing

when you are facing the issue of missing desktop icons follow there steps mentioned below

quick find on address book
  • Type in your contact using the quick find search bar within your address book.
  • It might be possible your contact is not displayed in the same order as before.
  • If the issue persists, proceed to the next step
write/compose window
  • On the toolbar click the write button to open a new email.
  • In the write mail “to” field start typing your contacts.
  • Navigate on a web browser.
  • Check whether your contacts are all listed or not.

changes are not being saved

if here are missin items or your files are not getting saved on your aol desktop gold you can follow the below mentioned solutions

close your desktop gold and re launch it
  • Open the desktop manager and end task on “AOL desktop.exe”
  • Now, open the desktop gold
  • If this does not work, use the next step
restart your computer
  • Restart your computer first and then restart the desktop gold.
  • If restarting does not work proceed to the next step.

– Trying uninstalling the desktop gold and reinstalling it back.

aol desktop is slow

If the processor of your desktop is slow the desktop will not work effectively and become slow as well. To follow these problems, try the methods given below. If one of these methods does not work, move on to the other:

Exit from the desktop gold and continue to restart it.
- Confirm you are using the right version by following these steps

Desktop Gold won't connect to the network

Desktop gold does not allow direct connectivity and will only connect if you have a broadband internet connection.

– This can happen when your AOL desktop gold stopped working.

– If the issue occurs when you get online check your internet connection to make sure it is not the cause.

- You are unable to install AOL Desktop Gold

- Check the minimum system requirements
  • Any version older than Microsoft Windows 7 is not compatible with the desktop gold.
  • Your desktop must have an internet connection to install AOL desktop gold
  • Your device should have enough space to download AOL gold (minimum 1GB RAM)
  • The recommended screen resolution is 1024*768.
- Restart your computer:
  • Restarting the device in most cases fixes the issue of AOL desktop gold not being able to install.
  • Perform a restart on your computer to solve this issue, then try installing the AOL desktop gold.

- Desktop Gold does not Launch:

It can cause three major issues AOL desktop gold freezes, AOL desktop gold not responding, and AOL desktop gold will not open. To resolve this, refer to the following solutions:

– The desktop gold might not be launching on your PC due to compatibility issues with the flash player.

– To resolve this issue, you need to restart your computer and try to launch.

– Access the programs and features window in the control panel and uninstall the flash player PPAI.

– Launch the desktop gold on your PC.

If you have any more queries related to AOL desktop, you can contact our AOL gold support services on the details mentioned below:

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