11 Ways To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

11 Ways To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Working on slow Wi-Fi can be extremely dreadful, especially if you are working on a deadline. When you need to get something done and your network connection fails you, it could be very frustrating. What if we tell you there is a way for you to get the Wi-Fi to work faster? Well, here are a few tips that you can follow to make your Wi-Fi work better

Do not store the router in a cupboard

– Many people store their router in a cupboard for aesthetic or safety purposes.

– It is a lesser-known fact that putting a barrier between the router and cupboard will affect the Wi-Fi’s performance.

– The Wi-Fi signals become weak from the get-go when barricaded.

– The Wi-Fi will receive a stronger signal when it is not covered by walls and doors

Place the router centrally

This doesn’t apply to Wi-Fi signals which are connected with Ethernet cables.

– But if you have a wireless router, you need to make sure that the router is located centrally.

– Doing this will also provide good strength if connected to multiple devices

Keep the router at an elevated platform

Routers work like radio. They broadcast signals at a downward angle.
– Keeping the router near the ground will make the signal unavailable to people.
– It will also be not as strong.
– To prevent this, locating the router centrally also keep the router elevated.

Keep the router away from other electronics

Keeping the router has one other benefit; it keeps the router away from other electronic devices.
– Placing many devices together can interfere with each other’s signals.
– Keeping the router, modem, and server together might be convenient, but it could be a huge hurdle for the network.
– To receive the best signal, avoid placing any device with an internal motor or wiring near the router.

Utilize the router’s tools

– Your router might look like an insignificant piece of plastic but is more than that.

– The router should be treated as a mini-computer with a Wi-Fi network card.

– Some various features and settings can help boost the performance of the router.

– Routers are made to work in a way that they are functional straight out of the box.

– In case you are facing any issue with the router or the network connection, it can be solved with the router settings.

Adjust the router’s antenna

– As we mentioned the similarity between radio and antenna.
– The router also works as a radio i.e. with the help of the antenna.
– It may seem blatantly obvious but pointing the direction of the antenna in the right direction can make a huge difference.
– A simple step as this will help in bettering the signal of the Wi-Fi.

Use uncongested wireless channels

– If you are using the Wi-Fi for your office work, chances are many other offices are also located near.

– If those offices are also using their router, there will be a lot of signals crossing each other.

– Learn how to change Wi-Fi channel, as it could make a big difference in Wi-Fi’s performance.

– Different routers work on different channels but might cross with each other.

– Your router might auto select a channel the same as the other router which could congest the signal.
– You can manually select a router to select a channel to avoid using a congested signal.
– For this purpose, you can use a Wi-Fi stumbler.

Password protect your router

Never leave your Wi-Fi unprotected without a password.
– It can attract a lot of uninvited users who will in turn make the connection weaker.
– The broadband strength will become weaker and lower the performance of your Wi-Fi.

– Most Wi-Fi comes with a predetermined password, these passwords can be later changed.

– Having a password will also prevent your network from viruses and malware.

– Also, this will prove to be a protection against hackers

Make the most of guest Wi-Fi

– It is common courtesy to provide your guests with a network.

– The process of how to set up guest network is relatively simple.

– Providing guests with their network will also prevent your Wi-Fi network from being bogged on.

– You have the authority to change the settings of the router that will limit the control of the guests.

– You need to limit the guest’s activities to prevent the broadband from giving a weak network.

– Restrict the guest’s activities to email and internet access.

– This will help in boosting Wi-Fi signal as well as boosting Wi-Fi speed.

Prevent network congestion

– Select the settings on your Wi-Fi router that will eliminate certain activities to improve the quality of service.

– During work people usually drift off to a different platform such as YouTube that increases the load on bandwidth.

– Adjust the priority on content type.

– Basic internet and file transfer should be a type of this priority content type.

– This is a good Wi-Fi signal booster for home and office.

Upgrade your router

– Sometimes even when you put in your best efforts, your router grows tired.

– The ‘top of the line’ routers changes constantly as the technology progresses.

– Many routers become outdated due to this.

– Consult an IT department or service provider.

– Discuss getting a new router to boost the signals.

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